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Dance To NYC Scholarship

Dance To NYC

Dance to NYC is a new high quality dance intensive in New York City. The program has two parts, for amateurs and for professionals. For the highest level students, the program is all professional repertory based, meaning a schedule full of choreography workshops, not technique classes. A different approach to your training and a great supplement to any training program.

Supporting talented dancers

I have a goal to make the program free for 20 very talented dancers. No matter how much talent my teachers thought I had as a young dancer, I did not have any money to pay for a training program. If I did not get a scholarship then I could not go. I want to give a chance for talented dancers to work with these incredible artists, but I need your support.

Scholarship Fund

We have created a scholarship fund so that we can raise money to make this program free to those who need it. We hope to raise 15000 CHF for our top 20 students. You can support one talented students full tuition with a donation of 750CHF. But of course any amount that you give, would be greatly appreciated and welcome.

Next Steps…

We hope to have our scholarship program fully not only this year, but every year to come. We are interested to work with people or institutions who are serious about supporting talented young artists. if you are interested in supporting our initiative, please send us a message at