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About Our Work

Braswell Arts Association / About Our Work

01Mission and vision

The Braswell Arts Association aims to: nurture children through education and exchange with the arts, support emerging and established artists, support collaboration and the creation of new works of art, promote networking and entrepreneurship within the local and international arts community.

The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and is not for profit. Our goal is to support all art forms especially dance, which needs extra financial support to after the 202 pandemic. More importantly to continue our mission to directly help children and adults through arts programming and community support.

  • Not for Profit Organization
  • Collaboration and Exchange
  • Networking and Entrepreneurship
  • International Arts Community

02Charity projects

We collaborate with the Basel community to support high quality fine arts programming. After many years of thinking about a way to bridge the gap between the arts and the public, the idea for the Braswell Arts Association was born. We work with the Braswell arts Center which has been our headquarters for offering quality dance classes, arts camps, performances, concerts, exhibitions and much more to the Basel community for the last 5 years.

Free Community Dance Classes

Pre-Professional Dance Programs

Artistic Residency

Free Performacnces, Concerts and Exhibitions

03Foundation and events

The Braswell Arts Association is serious about high quality programming that reaches a wide audience. It is important to us that all children and adults have access to arts events, no matter their income. We strive to establish a communtiyy of dance inspired art lovers.

We are an organized, ambitious group of all ages and all body types. We believe that arts plays a very important role in our society.

We need more volunteers. We need more donors! Please reach out to us if we can tell you more about our mission and our plans for the future.

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