Braswell Arts Camp

A fun week of multi-arts programming with the Braswell Arts Center. Offering full or half-day camp options for children ages 6 and up. Artistic mentoring with high-quality artists and teachers to inspire the next generation of young artists! Fun and engaging classes in all art forms.

A focus on improving self-discipline and social skills in a supportive setting, while also working on the connection between body and mind.  Led by the Juilliard School graduate and Ballet Basel soloist Armando Braswell and his team of high-quality artists, the children are exposed to a unique artistic mentor experience that motivates them to focus on their commitment and personal performance through quality training.

Our new DIGITAL ART AND TECHNOLOGY class needs supplies for the children as we ambitiously try to add a computer to all art forms. Children are daily guided through a digital exploration of computer functions and programs and their impact on different art forms. Because each day is a new experience, this class aims to create a “digital diary” to encourage the students to “document” their time here, with a focus on video creation. Most importantly this class connects all art forms through a modern technology and gives each student a chance to shine.

We need supplies to make this class happen. We take used iPads or laptop computers as donations!

In collaboration with sponsors and foundations, we are proud to support underprivileged children by offering financial aid to our BAC Kids program. Our goal is to support underprivileged children through social programming in collaboration with Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, corporations, foundations and the public. Through free performance classes and frequent exposure to high-quality artists in all art forms, we hope to create a unique mentorship program for underprivileged children.

Here is a past documentary on our school year program



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