Dance Basel

Dance Basel – a new dance festival in Basel during the Art Basel week, produced by the Braswell Arts Association.

Art Basel week is an inspiring time here in Basel. The city is full of new faces and buzzing with energy. We want to add to this energy and bring dance to the city—during the world’s most known art festival—and in a fresh, modern way.

We hope to create a new high-quality platform for talented choreographers to create and present their artwork. Dance is such an expressive and visual artform—what better time to showcase high-quality dance creations, than the Art Basel week.


We want to reach out to the Art Basel Team and ask if they would be interested in a collaboration—in whichever way possible. We feel this can be an exciting and fresh addition for the Basel public.


A new dance and choreography festival, during the Art Basel week.

A dance performance festival, focused on creation. The Braswell Arts Association focuses on supporting the new work of selected talented choreographers. Providing a platform during the world’s top art festival, for quality artists to create their next great work, network and collaborate.


Three short dance evenings on a successfully tested platform  

We have already hosted numerous quality dance performances at the Braswell Arts Center through our Artist-In-Residence program. In our experience, a 30-minute dance piece partnered with a 30-minute open talk between the artists and the audience creates a very interesting and intimate dance experience. For first-time dance viewers or seasoned dance lovers, the length is enough to engage the public, give them the opportunity to further dive-in and speak directly with the artists, but also allow them enough time for their other engagements.

  • 30-minute dance performance
  • 30-minute interview and talk with the artists

Apéro afterwards to mingle with other art enthusiasts


Selection process

Choreographers are researched and selected by the Braswell Arts Association team. Chosen choreographers are given an evening to present their newest creation or excerpt with up to 4 dancers. Directly after the performance, there will be a live interview with the choreographer and the artists and an apéro afterwards to give the audience the opportunity to mingle and discuss the evening.

Future / Fundraising

With enough funding, we can get this festival off the ground. And in order to secure the future of the festival, we plan to charge an entrance fee at the door. All proceeds raised through the ticket sales will go directly toward the future of the festival. We hope to reach out to Art Basel to ask for support (in any way possible) as well as the public and other institutions and corporations in Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land and abroad.


The Space – The Braswell Arts Center

Our large and bright studio located at Austrasse 19 in Basel is centrally located and directly in front of the “Holbeinstrasse” station on the #6 tram line. Via a short and direct tram ride you can be taken directly from the Messe to the studio. Our space is fully transformable and we have already hosted numerous quality dance performances at the Braswell Arts Center. Through the Braswell Arts Association, we have offered these performances on a suggested-donation basis. We are ready for such an event, but with support and a few improvements, we are confident we can bring these performances to the next level.


Problems we could face?

We have already successfully hosted dance performances in a similar platform in preparation for this festival, but of course we must be prepared for problems that can arise.

With the many events that are happening during the Art Basel week, attracting an audience can be challenging. However, we see this as a unique opportunity to bring something different to Basel during this very special week and, with an hour-long program, we don’t ask for too much time. The space can hold about 100 people comfortably. Not too big and not too small—an intimate experience for all those attending. With enough funding and enough interest, we hope to extend the festival to a full week. We are confident that with enough funding, we can acquire today’s top artists and produce a show of the highest quality.




Armando Braswell is a professional dancer and teacher from New York City. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance from The Juilliard School in 2006, Armando danced with Ballett Theater Munich, Gauthier Dance Stuttgart and just recently completed his final season as a soloist with Ballett Theater Basel.

Aside from his dancing career, Armando has established himself as a guest teacher in high demand, teaching amateurs and professionals worldwide including at the Prix De Lausanne and the Juilliard School. Armando has also choreographed for many dance and opera stages as well as television.

In addition to his artistic activities, Armando is also active in the journalistic and social media fields. His popular arts blog, “Interview En L’air”, has become widely known in the international dance scene and earned him a place at “Dance For You Magazine” as a permanent correspondent and his media company “Creative Promotional Media” has earned him opportunities to work with clients such as Fondation Beyeler, Basellandschaftliche Kantonal Bank and Theater Basel in Switzerland.

In 2015, Armando began to build an arts community in Basel where dancers of all levels and all body types could train in a supportive and professional environment. This idea has since expanded and in 2017, he and his wife Lisa founded the “Braswell Arts Center” – a space for innovation and collaboration in all art forms located in Basel, Switzerland – and in 2019, they officially founded the “Braswell Arts Association,” a non-profit arts organization dedicated to support emerging and established artists. Through arts education and exchange, Armando hopes to encourage collaboration and the creation of new works of art and to promote networking and entrepreneurship within the local and international arts community.

What do we need?

With the right resources, we are confident that we can have high-quality artists at the festival. Naturally, this comes with costs to be able to host such an event and provide some essential things for the artists including:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Daily expense allowance
  • Performance fee

We also hope to be able to cover some creative costs so the artists can add their own individual style to the space including new music, video, props, etc. Here is a good example:

Next Steps…

We already have quality choreographers interested in creating new works at our festival and have consulted with numerous high-level dance consultants who are supportive of this idea. We plan to reach out to multiple foundations and corporations to secure funding, including raising money on our own platform at We are confident this can be a great thing for the international dance community as well as the city of Basel. We have the support and the connections, but we need funding to be able to make this happen.

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