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New Work Dance Festival

Focus on Dance

Dance as a main dish not as a garnishment. Supporting new dance creations.

Not too long

A 30min new dance performance and a 30 min live interview. If you want, stay for the Apero,

Limited places

We will only allow limited places to a certain number of audience members every night.

A new dance and choreography Festival in Basel.

A bare bones dance performance, focused on creating a new idea. Supporting the new work of choreographers. Providing a platform for high quality artists to create their next great work.

5 short dance evenings presented to a limited few.

Top choreographers are given a short evening to present their newest fresh creation. Afterwards a live interview to discuss the artist and their work.

What do we need?

We still need to cover all the essential things for these artists. Hotel stay and Per Diem pay and Travel costs, Otherwise the festival is focused on the dance.

Next Steps…

We have quality choreographers interested in creating new works at our festival. We still need support to be able to make this happen.